How I Record Video With Kids Around

A while back I posted my video series on Simple Tips for a Clutter-Free Home.  My plan was to record the video for the 4-week series all in one afternoon during nap time, which I did.

But it didn’t exactly go off without a hitch.

recording videos kids

No child was interested in napping.

And no amount of persuasion on my part could get them to sleep.

So I gave up.  Or gave in. Whatever.

It was a beautiful day anyway…so I let them skip naps and play in the backyard.

While they rushed outside powered by the adrenaline of new-found freedom, I dragged the computer into the living area and set it on the counter so I could keep an eye on them while they played and I recorded video.

(Like I’ve said before, my primary job is saving lives.  And most of my rescue efforts involve the backyard.)

I set a new record on the number of outtakes per video shoot I had.  Last count was 21.  This session? 37.

First there was the noisy dog.

Normally happy to sleep at my feet, she insisted on wandering around the house, clicking her toenails.  Or drinking water like a camel.

Then it was the kids.

I had to break up a skirmish.  Then I had to save a life.

It was one thing after another.

By the time I reached part four of my mini-series, I was plowing through….regardless of bad lighting and squalling children.  I was also swearing off of shooting video anytime outside of nap time.

But it wasn’t all bad.

I got all these great outtakes.  Including shots of me sprinting for the door.  Not just once.  Our dog even stars in it.

You might as well laugh with me.

Can’t see the video?  Watch it here.

See?  Aren’t you glad you wasted those two minutes like that?


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  1. Erin, Thanks for the giggles. I can’t even BEGIN to imagine trying to live video in my home. Unless it’s late at night and all the munchkins are sound asleep. :)

    Love yours!

    • Naturally Erin says:

      Thanks Selina! You should try it sometime just for fun. Then you could laugh about it later too :)

  2. Ha, ha, ha. That wasgreat!

  3. literally LOL! :) love it, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Grandma Becky says:

    That was so funny Erin!! I can sympathize with you these days. I now have 2 princesses and a mini-pirate here (cousins of your kiddos). The “mini-pirate: is just a year old and still more of an infant than a toddler. The princesses are about the same age as your two. (Didn’t I raise my kids already??? Lol!!) It has been chaotic around here since the 3 of them got here a week and a half ago. *whew!*
    Gotta love a little chaos sometimes!! Lol!!

  5. Ha!! My children and I just had fun laughing WITH you. =D

    • Naturally Erin says:

      My kids love watching this video too…they remind me of what each interruption was about “Mama, that was when I needed my coat and a sock [singular?]” hahaha :)

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