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Naturally Erin

If you’re interested in the condensed version, I’m…

  • Mother to two
  • Wife to one premed student
  • Organizer of nothing
  • Minimizer of everything (stuff mostly)
  • Saver of money
  • Buyer of nothing that I can make cheaper or better for myself
  • Pursuer of natural living
  • Southerner by birth

So what can you do on this site? 

Read my most popular post to date, where I wrote candidly about being real in a fake world.  Or if you need to laugh and relate, head over and read about my shopping problems and complete lack of fashion sense.  I even do video posts occasionally and ramble on about stuff.  Watch this video here and get sneak peak at my living room, if you’re interested to see just how messy it is.

You can read a little more of how this blog began here.

Want more?

A visit to the doctor last year for what turned out to be a chronic tension headache (in addition to other stress symptoms that I’m way too fit and young to be having) helped me realize that I needed to change my lifestyle.  It was hectic, stressful, and demanding – everything I never wanted my life to look like.

Somehow I was running my own business, working a regular job on the side, homeschooling my children, helping my man with his side business, and trying to hold the family together.  Where were all those wonderful Pinterest moments that moms are supposed to have anyway?  Grief, I was struggling to get some version of dinner on the table – forget desserts shaped like zoo animals and high-heeled shoes!

It had to stop.

I began with sifting through the things that were most important to me and cutting out anything that didn’t fit.  Since then, I’ve been cutting clutter, streamlining meals using simple healthy ingredients, surrounding our family with chemical-free living, and paring down activities and commitments to the bare minimum.  In return, I found more room for my family and giving back to others – and less stress for me (watch my video series on how I reduced stress here).

This is my journey.

Not glamorous.  But it’s simple, wholesome, and good.

Join me, won’t you?

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Want the nitty gritty?

Read my Disclosure here.  Seriously!  Read it.  It’s entertaining.  I promise.


  1. ahh ur refreshing! went to church with ur lil sister when she was in college and my sil (who went to college with u) just shared a blog post with me on eating habits and how u get ur kids to eat the uninmagineables. :) love ur posts!

    • Naturally Erin says:

      Hi Susy! So glad to “meet you” :) Thanks so much for stopping by! Rachel talks about you all a lot so I feel like I sort of know you…haha :)

  2. Hey Erin,
    Stopped by for a few minutes ….. Love your about page. Clear. Informative and intriguing. A little sleepy tonight..but will read more posts tomorrow. Good night.

  3. I love how you shared yourself here. I experience some of the same stress headaches and cut out the things that caused it. It wasn’t easy, but oh, so necessary!

    I look forward to meeting you at Allume!

    • Naturally Erin says:

      Hi Dollie! Thanks so much for stopping by! I can’t wait to meet you at Allume as well…and hopefully we’ll all be headache-free ;)

  4. muy bonita pagina,, se que será de bendicion como todo lo que viene de Dios.
    very nice this page, is to be a blessing as everything comes from God
    (sorry for my english, i can´t write or speak properly but i can read it )

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