Random Things About Me

Homeschool started up over here for us last week.  That means I’m in a frenzy of trying to get everything off to a great start.  I’ve got several posts ready to publish, but they need pictures and that’s my blogging nemesis. I always enjoy other bloggers posting a “random things about me” post, so here’s […]

Finding Community When I Least Expected It

finding community

Before we moved, Micah cornered me one afternoon and asked, “Mama, don’t you think you’ll miss our house when we move?” It was a loaded question, as no doubt all questions are that come from 9-year-old boys. “I miss something about every house we’ve lived in,” I responded thoughtfully, “because each house has had something […]

Stuff that Survived Summer Adventures

stuff that survived summer

The summer’s nearly over and we’ve packed it full of outdoor adventures.  Here’s a list of my favorite summer essentials that have carried us through the entire season. Keen Shoes This summer is the first time EVER I’ve bought only 1 pair of shoes per child. Target’s $25 closed-toe sandals last on average 4 weeks […]

Easy Snacks for Kids to Make

great banana pops

3:00 pm is snack time in our house.  3pm comes and nothing – and I do mean nothing – had better be standing between my kids and the fridge.  Usually it’s fruit of some kind, but lately, crackers seem to be the only snackable item hanging around. Last week I got serious about making a […]

The Best Days

best Day of Your Life

Friends, it’s been a long time since my last post where I detailed the lovely cottage we were in the process of buying. Since then, life went a little wonky. The cottage buy fell through two days after we closed on the house we were selling.  Underground oil tanks (complete with oil), chimneys separating from […]

Three Kinds of Crazy

old attic

These last few weeks have been such a blur.  We put our house on the market and within less than an hour we had showings.  Admittedly, we’re new at selling a house, but this took me by complete surprise.  For 3 days straight we were gone from the house during the showings.  It wasn’t as […]

One Dish Dinners: Roasted Chicken & Vegetables

roasted veggies

Since I’m no good with a crock-pot, I have to devise ways of working around my handicap.  The recipe needs to be quick, one-dish, and of course, wonderful.  Then too, always at the top of my list is the requirement that it involve only real-food ingredients.  But that goes without saying for me. Roasted Chicken […]

An Easy Fix for Broken Zippers

fix broken zippers

Since spring refuses to stay around, I’ve had to keep the winter coats and jackets in the closets a while longer.  Fortunately they still fit. But we have had another problem. Broken zippers. Back in the fall I bought Chloe a brand-new winter coat system – the kind where it’s 2 different coats that zip […]

How to Paint Your Laminate Countertops

paint laminate countertops

A few weeks ago I posted my DIY kitchen reveal where I highlighted my $250 kitchen remodel.  I painted my laminate counters, painted the cabinets, and installed beadboard backsplash all on the cheap. And a lot of you had questions about the counters. This how-to post is for all of you who have asked for […]

Real Estate Agents and the Rule of 4

muddy yard

Have you ever heard of the “Homeowner’s Rule of 4″? “Count on it taking 4 times as long and costing 4 times as much as you planned.” For 4 years now we’ve painted, scraped, refinished, and replaced, all to the tune of the homeowner’s rule. But we finally made it to the other side and […]